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Aqua Marina Beach Club in Rincón, Puerto Rico offers an exclusive adults-only retreat on the scenic west coast of the island. This serene destination is perfect for guests looking to relax, with a swimming pool, poolside bar, and easy access to the nearby Black Eagle Marina Beach. The club ensures a comfortable stay with amenities like cable TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, and daily housekeeping. Guests also enjoy the convenience of free beach towels, chairs, and umbrellas.

Ideal for both leisure and corporate gatherings, Aqua Marina Beach Club features versatile event spaces that can accommodate business meetings, social events, and romantic weddings. The venue offers a range of packages tailored to each event, including options for entertainment, catering, and spa services. Its breathtaking ocean views provide a stunning backdrop for destination weddings and other significant events.

For those not staying overnight, day passes are available to enjoy the pool area. Regular visitors can benefit from beach club memberships. The club’s 15 guest rooms, including options with jacuzzis and kitchenettes, cater to groups ranging from two to five guests, making it an attractive choice for event attendees and vacationers alike.

Onsite amenities enhance the guest experience:


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Wabbles Milk Bar: A picturesque and health-conscious gem in Rincon, Puerto Rico. This bistro cafe is a favorite for its artisanal Italian gelato and a variety of exquisite, customizable pastries with options for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto, and sugar-free diets. Wabbles takes pride in its on-site gelato preparation, using both fresh local produce and the finest Italian imports. The menu also features unique offerings such as pink coffee, creamy milkshakes, and beloved mini donuts. For adults, there are enticing boozy milkshakes and a refined cocktail selection, including a standout chocolate martini.

The cafe is adorned in a vivid pink theme, complete with selfie walls and distinctive decor by the acclaimed designer and artist Carmen Ballering, providing a perfect Instagram-worthy setting that attracts both influencers and families. Wabbles includes two air-conditioned rooms and a sculpted train display that nods to Puerto Rico’s railroad history, creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere. Whether for birthdays, photo sessions, or family outings, Wabbles offers a delightful experience. Make sure to visit this visually appealing, eco-conscious, and health-focused destination, where every visit promises a celebration of flavor and style.


Wabbles Milk Bar Rincon PR
Aqua Marina Swim Up Bar


Aqua Pool Bar at Aqua Marina Beach Club in Rincón, Puerto Rico, is a paradise for those seeking the quintessential tropical retreat. Nestled by the club’s inviting pool, this bar specializes in tropical-inspired beverages and delectable culinary offerings, all served up by our warm and attentive staff. Guests can lounge comfortably in the sun on plush chairs, enjoying the balmy Caribbean breeze while indulging in a variety of refreshing drinks, including expertly mixed cocktails from our unique swim-up bar or the adjoining hot tub.

For an elevated experience, Aqua Pool Bar features three luxurious cabanas and a VIP seating area, providing ample shade and privacy. These spots are perfect for guests looking to relax in a more secluded setting while still partaking in the vibrant atmosphere of the pool area.

Our events calendar is packed with exciting activities, including DJ-led pool parties that transform the venue into a dynamic celebration of music and dance. The highlight for many is our exhilarating foam parties, which offer a fun and unforgettable way to cool down under the Puerto Rican sun.

For those looking to kickstart their day with energy and wellness, join Kim for morning water aerobics classes. These sessions are designed to be low-impact and heart-healthy, providing an excellent way to stay fit while enjoying the scenic pool environment.

Whether you’re here to unwind with a cocktail, enjoy a lively party atmosphere, or participate in a rejuvenating fitness class, Aqua Pool Bar at Aqua Marina Beach Club offers a diverse range of options to enhance your tropical getaway.


Sky Rooftop Lounge at Aqua Marina Beach Club in Rincón, Puerto Rico, offers a spectacular venue perched atop the club with unrivaled 360-degree views, reminiscent of standing on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship. This elevated oasis is the perfect locale for hosting special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings.

Key Features of Sky Rooftop Lounge:

  • Breathtaking Panorama: Guests can revel in the majestic sunsets over Rincón and the serene vistas of Black Eagle Beach. The sweeping panoramic views create a dramatic backdrop for any event, promising memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Full-Service Bar: Our well-stocked bar ensures that every guest’s preferences are catered to, with an extensive selection of spirits, wines, and bespoke cocktails crafted by skilled bartenders.
  • Comfortable Seating: The lounge is furnished with plush sofas and elegant seating arrangements, blending comfort with sophistication to provide an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and socializing.
  • VIP Areas: For those seeking a more exclusive experience, our VIP areas offer privacy and the best views in the house, adding an extra layer of luxury to your celebration.

Sky Rooftop Lounge combines the natural beauty of Puerto Rico with a touch of modern luxury and a dreamlike ambiance, making it an exquisite choice for your significant occasions. Whether you are planning a romantic wedding under the stars, celebrating a milestone anniversary, or organizing a refined corporate event, Sky Rooftop Lounge provides a unique and stunning setting that is sure to impress.

Aqua Sky Lounge
crusero seafood


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Crucero Seafood® Restaurant at Aqua Marina Beach Club in Rincon, Puerto Rico, invites you to a sublime dining experience that captures the splendor of a luxurious cruise. Nestled by the sea, the restaurant combines the sophistication of fine dining with the relaxed, airy feel of a coastal retreat, making it a perfect locale for culinary exploration. Our menu highlights exceptional dishes that emphasize the freshness and quality of locally-sourced seafood, with our renowned signature paella hailed as the best on the island.

At Crucero Seafood, our goal is to pioneer new directions in the culinary world. Each dish is carefully crafted to evoke a journey of tastes and textures, providing more than just a meal—it’s an immersive experience. As you dine, the picturesque views of the Aqua Marina Beach Club add an unparalleled ambiance, enhancing the sensory delight of your visit.

We invite you to embark on this gastronomic voyage with us at Crucero Seafood, where every visit is an opportunity to indulge in creativity and savor moments of joy. Join us and discover a fresh take on dining, where every bite is a celebration of the sea’s bounty.

Event Spaces:

  • Pool Deck: Perfect for outdoor celebrations, the pool deck provides a scenic backdrop for everything from birthday bashes to sophisticated cocktail parties.
  • Three Terraces: These flexible terraces can be customized to accommodate events of different scales, offering cozy spots for smaller groups or expanded space for larger affairs.
  • Rooftop Lounge: Featuring panoramic views that evoke the feel of a luxury cruise, this space is ideal for hosting weddings, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings.
  • Crucero Seafood Restaurant: Exclusively available for booking, this elegant restaurant is particularly well-suited for events with a seafood theme.
  • Upcoming Banquet Hall (Fall 2024): Scheduled to open in fall 2024, our new air-conditioned banquet hall will enhance our offerings, allowing for grander and more varied events throughout the year.